Lil Pump Endorsed Trump Because He Is Just Greedy

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Lil Pump Endorsed Trump

Lil Pump at Rolling Loud


The only time I saw Lil Pump, he was performing at the giant hip-hop festival Rolling Loud, and he came on stage smoking an enormous joint, actually, the term doesn’t even give justice to this monster. Sadly (or not), this is about all I can remember about the Soundcloud rapper.

A few days ago, Lil Pump endorsed Trump in an Instagram post showing him shaking hands with the president (a bad photoshopped work) that received 1,195,919 likes (and counting) and more than 55,000 comments. The comments are very divided like anything else touching politics right now, and split between the pro-Trump hashtags such as #LatinosforTrump (Lil Pump’s parents are from Columbia) and condemnations such as ‘You’re canceled,‘ or ‘time to unfollow.’

With his 17.3M followers, Lil Pump is a serious influencer, and he completed this post with another one, a scary and awful photo-montage mixing his braids and face/neck tattoos with Trump’s face. There was also a now-deleted video showing Pump screaming, ‘Trump 2020’ with obscenities and a vocabulary directly coming from the president’s rhetoric. He also gave a direct explanation for his choice: Biden’s taxation plan.

Since Gazzy Garcia’s (real name) net worth is around $8M, it is very simple and sad, the fool doesn’t want to pay taxes, as his taxes would obviously increase under a Biden administration. Isn’t it always the case? Didn’t 50 Cents give the same reason a little while ago? Lil Pump doesn’t want to contribute to society and wants to continue spending his money on expensive pieces of clothing and jewelry, Lamborghini, and Porsche,… instant satisfaction, for a young guy who got very rich very fast, for a brainless adolescent with a big budget going on shopping sprees. Self-centered excess with no place for anything but money, for a guy who uses the n-word at any occasion — he is not even Black — and could not care less about all the important issues in the balance of these elections. It’s selfish greed over police brutality, racism, and healthcare. Not that I would expect him to have any social consciousness reading his lyrics

The irony is that most conservatives have probably no idea who Lil Pump is while declaring to be thrilled with his choice. Is Donald Trump gonna play Lil Pump at his rallies? Well he should after such an endorsement, but I dare him to blast ‘My bitch love do cocaine, ooh (Brr)/I fuck a bitch, I forgot her name, yuh,’ (‘Gucci Gang’) or ‘You’re such a fuckin’ ho, I love it (Love it, love it)/(I’ ma fuck a bitch, tell her cousin) (‘I Love It’)… or anything else that Pump sings. Let’s see how this goes with the suburban housewives crowd.

Now will any of these rainbow-braids rappers, bragging about popping pills, smoking weed, and ‘fucking hoes,’ have any influence on the election? If Snoop Dogg posts photos of himself voting at the Forum while endorsing Biden, we can be sure that entertainers think they can have an impact. However, the funny thing is that, according to this website, there is nobody registered to vote under the name Gazzy Garcia in the state of Florida, where the rapper lives.

A few months ago, Lil Pump asked Billie Eilish for a date during one of her Instagram live, and we can only be certain of one thing: she will continue to say no.


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