Is It Really Ryan Adams’ Comeback?

Written by | December 4, 2020 1:01 am | 11 responses

Is it really Ryan Adams’ comeback?

The cover and tracklist of Ryan Adams’ ‘Wednesdays’


Ryan Adams’ career has been in limbo since the infamous New York Times article published in February 2019. Yes, it has been this long, but yesterday, die-hard fans – and?they still exist – had the pleasant surprise to notice activity on his Instagram account after months of silence. It was not any kind of activity, it was an invitation to subscribe to his official website (that has been up for a little while) and join his mailing list to receive news and updates. This led everyone to believe that there is gonna be some activity in the Ryan Adams world soon. At last!

To dig a bit more, a fan on Reddit stated that Ryan Adams’ management contacted him, asking to withdraw unreleased material posted in the forum: ‘Ryan’s management folks have asked us to watch for illegal content here, so I’ve updated the rules.’

First of all, if Ryan has management patrolling fans’ forum, it is good news. Then if they are asking fans not to share unreleased songs, it probably means that a new release is around the corner. Is it really Ryan Adams’ comeback, his long-awaited comeback?

‘They mailed me about it just mentioning I had heard Wednesdays. They were cool and I did feel shitty about it. We should get news soon tho I was told so fingers crossed,’ wrote the fan on Reddit, ‘I don’t have it, I told them that. He was fine tho. Just more or less said remove the post if that was ok, and that Ryan had a hard enough time for the last year. They are hoping to get an announcement in at least before it leaks,’ he added.

Just before the New York Times scandal, Adams had announced the release of 3 albums: ‘Big Colors’ was supposed to be out on April 19, ‘Wednesdays’ a bit later, and another unnamed album was added to this very prolific list. However, the three of them were put on hold because of the sexual misconduct allegations made public in February.

According to the site?Has It Leaked, it seems that the second album ‘Wednesdays’ (which features Emmylou Harris, Jason Isbell, and Benmont Tench according to Pitchfork)?has effectively leaked. It now has a tracklist different than the one originally posted, and It includes songs from the canceled ‘Big Colors’ album. No, I don’t have it – the leak was posted on Reddit but has been removed at the request of Adams’ management – but some people have obviously managed to download it (see the screenshot above).

So is it good? ‘I can confirm it has leaked. I have it. His best work in a long while. Ashes and Fire meet 29. IMHO,’ is the only comment I could find about it.

I don’t blame fans who downloaded ‘Wednesdays,’ this long absence has just made every fan hungrier for new material: ‘Guess I was unaware how much I’ve missed Ryan Adams, but his website going up today and offering email updates was definitely a welcome sight,’ another fan wrote.

According to an internet rumor, ‘Wednesdays; could be released early 2021, and if true, I wonder how it will be received by the public and the critics. Will they be able to listen to it without the tunnel vision of cancel culture and the #metoo movement trap? We might be the only one to talk about it… Is it really Ryan Adams’ comeback? Can he even come back?


11 Responses to “Is It Really Ryan Adams’ Comeback?”

  1. Bill

    I never considered him gone. It HAS been a while since I’ve listened to him tho. Too long. Miss that voice! Hopefully the USA can make a comeback!

  2. Ken Shane

    According to Ryan’s IG it appears that the album will be released at midnight tonight.

  3. G

    He’s a genius, people can hate all they want, but his music is one of a kind. Raw lyrics, beautiful melodies, he’s beyond talented and I feel lucky I can listen to his music.

  4. Aerin

    Genius is right,,,just listening to Wednesdays for 3rd time..SO good to hear him sing again

  5. Farf

    “His best work in a long while”? It’s just RA treading the same old ground. Carolina here, Carolina there, namechecking more American cities, multiple songs with “love” in the title. Heartbreaker Pt 2 with better production. If this is heralded as a “comeback” then it’s an underwhelming one at best.


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