Ex- Detective Tom Grant In The Middle Of A Controversy With YouTuber AmericanSpyFox

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AmericanSpyFox Tom Grant

AmericanSpyFox Charles Elliott and Tom Grant


YouTuber AmericanSpyFox, who has recorded a series of YouTube videos on the death of Kurt Cobain, is in the middle of a controversy. AmericanSpyFox, real name Charles Elliott, started a?GoFundMe campaign to fly Tom Grant from Santa Barbara to Ohio in order to interview the famous detective whose name has been associated with the story since 1994. Charles managed to raise $2,141 and promised his subscribers an exclusive interview with Grant, however, things didn’t turn the way he would have expected.

In the last video he has posted, Charles claims that Tom Grant made his life impossible with outrageous demands, like for example an expensive upgrade for the round trip from Santa Barbara, CA to Columbus, Ohio at $1,376, which seems to be a bit unnecessary, but we could say that Tom is old and likes his comfort.

In a very long explanation, Charles explains that Tom had lied on many points, the first one being his declining health and mental state, as he even concluded that Tom ‘has entered early-stage dementia’: ‘I spent 10 hours a day trying to get him to just comply with what he already agreed to’ wrote Charles, explaining that Tom basically refused to do what they had agreed on: an interview. Honestly what describes Charles is strange and could well be describing a man effectively entering dementia: ‘It was like babysitting a child. At times, his demands made no sense. He would make me get up in the middle of the night to bring him food. He typed a movie script in which he wanted to rehearse for hours, typing out a part for me to “play.” He asked me to buy him a red wig so he could pretend to be me! He brought a hoodie and wore his hat backward pretending to be me. My wife and I did not know how to respond to all this. We are not medically trained to deal with such behaviors. He became upset when I told him he should dress like himself for the camera.’

After basically rearranging the entire hotel room – ‘He spent the last hours of the last day, ‘trying to make a studio’’ – no interview took place, and Charles had only his tube channel to apologize to the people who had contributed to the campaign. Charles even describes Tom Grant as an arrogant, racist man, full of himself.

It didn’t take long for Tom Grant to respond, with this post on his website, and obviously a completely different story: ‘Charles claims I REFUSED to do the interview with him. The truth is, he was only with me in the room for a few hours the first day as we were trying to set-up a place for the interview inside my hotel room. He finally told me he was having trouble getting his mics to work with his computer and needed his wife to come help.’

Grant then contradicts each statement made by Charles and pretends that Charles basically never showed up for the interview.

Who is telling the truth? Besides this point, there are a few things that I (and a few fans) don’t get. First, why did Charles Elliott had to fly Tom Grant for an interview? At the age of technology, why couldn’t he have done a Skype interview? Simple and completely free? Then, Tom Grant has been on the case for 26 years and has not revealed anything new for many years, so what did this YouTuber was hoping for? A scoop from a retired LAPD detective who hasn’t solved a 26-year-old case? Didn’t he understand Grant has been miking the only case he is famous for, for a very long time? I don’t have a real experience with Tom, but I know he will not do anything without being paid or get some compensation, he is also very conservative, Christian, and he occasionally tweets some anti-abortion rants between his Cobain-related tweets. But if he really suffers from dementia, what could Charles Elliott have expected?

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10 Responses to “Ex- Detective Tom Grant In The Middle Of A Controversy With YouTuber AmericanSpyFox”

  1. Yancey

    Charles is a sociopathic, compulsive liar that doesn’t actually ever show concrete proof of the many outlandish claims he has made over the last while. He had approx. 500 prior failed YouTube videos until he realised he could make a profit from covering rehashed Nirvana/Kurt Cobain knowledge for teens. Dyed his hair just before it too to fit the character. He is obsessed with “fans”, “subscribers”, “members” and money. Claims he owns a restaurant when it’s just a small food truck. Everything he says is a lie. He has small minded commenters that were hailing Tom practically a God and on a whim, because of just Charles’ word alone are damning his character with no actual proof. Charles should just go back to being a gamer. He’s an abhorrent individual.

    • YGodro

      Yeah, in the meantime, Tom Grant has produced a nice edited video and got caught dubbing his voice over an already existing video… How classy!
      Tom Grant is done, he’d be better in a retirement home, fortunately, he won’t make anymore money out of Kurt’s death. It’s a well known fact that Tom is a freeloader that tried to earn a living out his own beliefs (because for now, it is only beliefs since he proved nothing.
      He brang lots of inconsistancy in the Cobain case, but all these hearsays (cos they are nothing more than hearsays) have been easily debunked and/or explained
      ASF might not have been transparent, but I doubt someone would do that for 200$ (since the plane, the hotel room and the microphone Tom insisted ASF buy for him cost around 1900$ (which leaves 241$ of the GFM total…

      • Steve Hall

        They are a lot more than hersays. He has hours of audio of CL admitting to reporting false information to the police and media both brfore and after KC was found dead. As well as her explaining how she is going to “spin” the story of his death to benefit her and sell records. And yes she did in fact use the word “spin”. And she said this before he was found dead, as if she were anticipating it.

      • Yancey

        Bella Lugosi,
        Sociopathic..absolutely. Traits of a sociopath (which any person should know) are:
        *Pathological lying.
        *Does not accept blame themselves, but blames others, even for acts they obviously committed.
        *Outraged by insignificant matters.
        *Not genuine, neither are their promises.
        *Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities.
        *Grandiose Sense of Self. Feels entitled to certain things as “their right.”
        *Problems in making and keeping friends.
        The asshat that is ASF has all of these traits and more. I guarantee you he has only been into alternative 90s music the last 5 years or a little more. He’s trying to make a profit from young kids that don’t read/research much today and that think he has all the information (which is predominantly skewed). Many, many people that have actually lived those times have and can see right through him and his fake-ness and as you can see now, he isn’t getting the oh so precious views he needs to continue lining his pocket with his monetised account. He has continually acted like a butthurt, bratty child, stamping their feet because when the viewership rose on his Nirvana series, his ego inflated along with it. He actually thinks his commenters and viewers are his “friends”. So, not just a sociopath, but also very deluded.

    • Angela C. Ezell

      You are in no place to expect a person as PI Tom Grant to pay expenses to come see you. There’s things I know that you don’t. Crime scene photos being swapped out/exchanged
      because I went that far back not knowing who Nirvana was studying day and night things missing from the crime scene I know he backed up and so did I. You’re not that good. It would be a privilege to you to get as far as you did child. So, for you float the bills. That’s right. You. Not Tom. And he’s aloud to Edit. You don’t just spill it al and that Pal, is called Litigation. He delivers what he feels is the right time for the time. So, suck it Charles, Mr. Spy Fox. He’s a Private Investigator so know your God Damned place. Sincerely, Angela C. Ezell

  2. Z. Evans

    ASF has a history of defaming people, whereas Tom has a proven record of being honest and decent. I know who I believe.

  3. Charles

    His content is fine if you’ve never seen it before, but, he definitely isn’t shedding light on anything “new”. He based most of his research off of Grant’s work. The funniest thing to me is how he prides himself on being a “documentarian” and on his “research”, but he gets a lot of entry level shit wrong. Consistently

  4. Angela C. Ezell

    Tom has no obligation to talk to you. It was your privilege to have him fly out to you to pay his expenses. I’ve got things backed up I won’t show that are backed up. Such as swapped out crime scene photos. I won’t talk about because he will expose that when he’s ready and when it fits in with the timetable as he sees fit. Of course he edits. It’s called litigation. And you are so far behind when it comes to Tom, and even me, only because you’re late. So come up Charles because you’re way down from Tom and evidence before you talk about someone keeping it and sharing it as he sees fit. He’s backed up things I have no one has, The original crime scene photos that were swapped out for shotgun photos, for the exchange of the supposed to have been melted down shotgun and an added handgun to throw in and credible photos were swapped out and replaced with the shotgun photos. I will never tell what they were because you should not expect anyone to come to you like PI Tom Grant for free. He’s invested his own time and money, so grow up and know your spot Charles. You;re damn lucky to have the opportunity to meet him and ask him questions He certainly wasn’t coming out there to see you for answers. So, know your place. Because I didn’t know Nirvana. I have been licensed in the funeral business. I too have everything backed up most important. I won’t talk about. That’s for him.
    Really, you’re correct yet, right now we are looking at court dates. Be careful whose toes you step on. Sincerely, Angela C. Ezell

  5. califtom

    Tom Grant is a lying conspiracy theory quack who’s been profiting from his garbage for years. The fact he’s now peddling his nonsense to YouTube gamers speaks for itself


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