Ariana Grande Holds The Top Fourteen Positions on Spotify’s Top Fifty This Morning!!!

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Positions might not be thank you, next, but it is plenty good (my review here) and if you take both albums and the singles in between she is well on the way to being the best pop star out there, with a string of songs that matches any one at any time.

Right now, every song on the album is on Spotify’s Top Fifty today, even in a world where theses things happens they don’t happen that often (even folklore didn’t manage it)? it is a tremendous achievement. The single is # 1 in the UK and I can pretty much guarantee you that the album will be at # 1 next week? (US Billboard lags a little further behind).

I’ve seen her live many times and I don’t think she is great on stage, I worship thank you, next, and the live tour only got a “B” (here).

Finally? The picture is of Ariana with the man who inspired these songs, Dalton Gomez and do you think I’m correct when I note? he looks like Pete Davidson if Pete’s dad hadn’t died on 9-11


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