10 Songs, Monday, May 19th, 2014

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Classic Crenshaw

Classic Crenshaw

1. Just Snap Your Fingers – Marshall Crenshaw – The best song off Jaggedland is also a view of Crenshaw the lyricist the you don’t always hear: “You can count on my love till the ultimate end” is pop poetry of the first order – A

2. You’re The Only One – Dolly Parton – From 1979 when Dolly had become a hillbilly Linda Ronstadt – A

3. Alfie – Lily Allen – Her brother was so pissed about this song and you can see why but on the other hand… made him a legend more than “Games Of Throne” will! – A

4. One – Ed Sheeran – This is a goodie off the new one so maybe it won’t be the dog I’m expecting – B

5. GMF – John Grant – I caught the last song at the Elbow gig where he opened and I regret missing it, but who thought he went on stage at 730p? – A-

6. Never On A Sunday – Connie Tilotson – Early 60s popstar does a pretty good job westernizing the Greek classic -the original Melina Mercouri sounds like Cher. I mean Cher in 2014 – B+

7. Human Behavior – Bjork – Her finest moment off her finest album. That heavy bass she sings along to is as superb a form of art-rock as you’ll ever hear – A+

8. Promise – Tori Amos – Perhaps I underestimate Toro: it isn’t that I qute hate her it is the quasi-classical gravitas that drags me not her and not the songs as such – C+

9. Magic – Coldplay – Addictive hook – B+

10. One Day Like This – Elbow – Masterful anthem, “It’s silly wrong but vivid right” – A

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